As consumers we should become more educated and aware


As consumers we should become more educated and aware o […]

As consumers we should become more educated and aware of these realities and strive to shop brands that value ethical practices. Bridal jewelry holds high sentiment, and knowing where your pieces originated from and that they’re helping the environment and disenfranchised communities makes it even more special and gives you peace of mind.

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve gathered 22 of the chicest socially conscious and eco-friendly lines with collections of gorgeous earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that will elevate your wedding ensemble. These talented independent designers create with a purpose in effort to shift the industry to become transparent, moral, and responsible.

Jewelry is vital to a bride’s look—starting with the engagement ring to the additional adornments to wear on wedding day. Although jewelry is beautiful and symbolic, the harmful side of the industry often goes unnoticed. Inhumane working conditions, mining in conflict areas, illegal trading, and devastated habitats are just a few of the negative effects of irresponsible mining and production.

Astring of pearls is a timeless purchase. The only problem with that Freshwater pearl earring timelessness is that a pearl necklace rarely looks modern – elegant, yes, but not modern. I borrowed my mother’s a few times for special occasions in my teens, and invariably looked as though I’d done just that; I’ve avoided them ever since. I understand the appeal, of course – that milky pearlescence is so flattering against the skin, they go with most anything, and they really will last forever – but I have always found pearls too classic for my taste.