Chinese Pearl Beads Will Be Slapped With 10 Percent Tariffs In US


It is said that some Chinese jewelry items and jewelry- […]

It is said that some Chinese jewelry items and jewelry-related materials will be slapped with 10 percent tariffs according to the U.S. Trade Representative announcement.

Related to pearl items, there are two types of products in the list: Glass imitation pearls and pearl beads of all shapes and colors, whether or not drilled, not strung, and not set.

However, Chinese pearls, Glass beads of imitation pearls seem to have been spared the tariff's hammer.

Pearls conjure up images to the overly precious. People are not only use pearls in jewellery industry, but also decorating clothes with them.

According to the market, new pearl jewellery trends come to irregular-shaped pearls, jagged mother-of-pearl facings and mismatched sizes. It's fresh on the block.