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You only need to know these four categories of pearls F […]

You only need to know these four categories of pearls
Freshwater pearl: that is, pearl breeding in the lake or river, although they are not the size of the seawater pearl, the shape is mostly oval or irregular, but the color is better than colored freshwater pearls, pink, purple and so popular with women; Is also easy out of shape beads, jewelry design more play. Because of the large output, it is the most popular price of a natural pearl.
Seawater pearl: The translucent quality seawater bead gives a soft, hazy beauty. The body color is also red, green, purple, brown, black and other colors, the diameter of 3-5mm mostly, more than 8mm is more Suitable for investment collection. Shape is generally round, but also the best pearl shape.
South Sea Pearl: Sea Pearl produced in the South Pacific are known as the South Sea Pearl, with the reputation of "after the pearl", showing its beautiful and noble status. Usually the size of the South Sea Pearl larger than the other pearl, the most common size of 9-14mm, more than 14mm significantly higher prices. Colors are white, silver, golden and black. Golden South Sea Pearl is extremely precious.
Tahitian black pearl: Tahitian black pearl, full of aristocratic cold breath, unpredictable energy. Color is a unique black and gray basic color, revealing purple, pink, blue and other Symphony iridescent, and the most unique color is brilliant dazzling peacock green. Its strong metallic luster will change with the pearl rotation, totally natural, precious. High-quality black pearl with an annual output of not more than 150,000, usually between 9-10mm, more than 11mm has been considered rare. So it is often the high price of the auction house.