Teach you how to choose pearl pendant?


Brilliant crystal, elegant character gem Queen - pearl, […]

Brilliant crystal, elegant character gem Queen - pearl, with its elegant, soft beauty from ancient times by people's love. Women wearing pearl more reflects the gentle and romantic, can be described as a never-ending fashion. How to choose a pearl pendant to make your heart? In addition to the favorite style, mainly from the following selection of pearl.
Shape: Pearl is very rich in shape, can be roughly divided into round, symmetrical, three types of the opposite sex. Round pearl represents the pinnacle of morphological qualities, the more round the better, the old saying there is "beads Yu-run" argument. As the natural environment of pearl by a lot of difficult to control the impact of factors, the shape of a small number of good, so the symmetrical drop-shaped, oval, gourd-shaped pearl is also very difficult to obtain. Although the value of pearl shaped is not high, but after the designer's unique production doubled the price, and will never find the same paragraph.

    Size: The larger the size of the pearl, the more difficult the process of nurturing, the higher the value, the old saying goes "seven points beads, eight points Po" is the truth. Generally speaking, seawater pearls are generally larger than freshwater pearl, and pearl larger than 9mm in diameter is much higher than the average size pearls, and the price sharply increases with the size. Large pearl looks elegant Yong, medium pearl looks pure and pure, should take into account other factors to choose their favorite.

    Color: pearls can be described as colorful, the color of the body color and diffuse throughout the body color above, a vaguely visible light with the color composition. In addition to the golden South Sea pearl, with peacock green with black pearls, the subject of rare and expensive principles of the higher prices, the rest of the color pearl mainly by the different geographical and cultural traditions. When you buy pearls, you do not have to consider what kind of color is good and worry, just need to pick the color you like. Vibrant white pearls, golden pearls with royal rich colors, romantic pink pearls, and so on, I believe there will always be a way for you to be satisfied.

    Luster: Pearl with its soft and elegant pearl luster to attract the world, there is no difference between luster pearl and stone, luster and pearl beauty and price have a significant impact. High-end pearl gives a glittering jewels, but not dazzling, is a dignified and friendly feeling. The light it reflects is by no means inflexible, but rather rich and changeable, changing from different perspectives, to the faint, faint halo of change.

    Finish: due to the environment and the health effects of mothers and many other effects, the vast majority of pearl surface with varying degrees of defects. As long as these flaws are not very obvious or hidden in the more inlaid mosaic, etc., the impact on the aesthetics and the price is smaller, there is no need to over-pursuit of perfection.

    The above aspects require you to consider, buy pearl, but also should be based on their preferences, age, other clothing and other circumstances to judge. Own standard is a high standard. Your favorite is an important measure.