Designers Prefer Unique Strands Of Baroque Pearls


It seems that creative designers all love baroque pearl […]

It seems that creative designers all love baroque pearl to show their taste and aesthetic feeling. Designs for pearl jewels are getting edgier with a touch of elegance thanks largely to the creative use of baroque pearls.

Baroques have an irregular non-spherical shape unlike round pearls. Baroque pearls (mainly come from cultured freshwater pearls from China) also can exhibit subtle rainbow-colored luminescence, similar to an opal.

Due to its abundance and affordability, jewelry designers prefer to use these pearls in fashion jewelry.

Milan-based designer Seok craft up whimsical jewelry, maraschino cherries frozen in blocks of ice, baroque pearls with hand-drawn illustrations of screaming faces, and oversized hoops with "Reincarnation" scrawled across the width in cursive only scratches the surface of JIWINAIA's mystical aura.

Scandinavian jewellery brand director Anni Lu use baroque pearl earrings which will give any daytime look an opulent revamp.

New York–based designer Mizuki Goltz’s sleek, contemporary pieces spotlight the singular curves of baroque pearls. Her designs are uniquely wearable and never cease to amaze.