Differences Between Freshwater Pearls And Saltwater Pearls


Women is almost the biggest part of customers who purch […]

Women is almost the biggest part of customers who purchase pearls. So, it's a common question they will ask that whether this pearl necklace comprised of freshwater or cultured pearls.

However, almost all the pearls we saw in the market are cultured pearls including fresh water pearls.

Freshwater pearls are typically the least expensive and are cultured using a small piece of mantle tissue. This method of culturing with just a small piece of tissue results in a pearl of solid nacre(pearly substance) but will rarely be round in shape.

On the contrary, the saltwater pearls are grown by implanting a round shell bead and allowing the mollusk to secrete layers of nacre around the bead.

Generally, most natural pearls are antiques and always have their own label. You can see one at auction, estate sales or natural pearl dealers.

Once you want to buy a nature pearl, check its certificate of authenticity declaring their exact pearl type.