For beautiful and stylish hands try wearing pearl bangles


For beautiful and stylish hands try wearing pearl bangl […]

For beautiful and stylish hands try wearing pearl bangles and pearl bracelets – big and small.

As for the earrings, long pearl earrings could be the perfect fashion choice. Sexy pearl chandelier styles are
perfect for evening looks while the long, geometric pearl earrings in white and yellow gold Freshwater pearl are the perfect choice
for daytime outfits and even for going to work. Don’t be afraid to get glamorous with sensuous, shoulder-sweeping
pearl earrings.

In the last two season, one of today’s hottest pearl styles is to wear multiple strands of pearls – layer on the
pearls! To get the layering effect mix together different pearl sizes and lengths. Multiple strands of pearls can
work for both for day and evening outfit combinations. Don’t forget that white isn’t the only pearl color.

Try wearing black, peach, lavander or pearls in pastel colors. Tahitian pearls have base colors that range from
black, gray, blue, green and brown with shimmering overtones of blue, pink, gold and silver.

Pearls are often related with vintage style and elegant beauty – every year we see them, every year the same thing
—no matter how avant garde, no matter how trend-setting these haute couture collections are, they never forget to
include the pearls.

Pearls are timeless, basic fashion jewelry which always makes stylish statement.

For our last proposal, let`s focus on gorgeous pearl rings. Most of you ladies have probably seen them on you
grandmothers and still even years later, pearl rings are sign of timeless elegance. Buy one for yourself and you
will not regret it.