How To Store And Clean Your Pearls Jewely


Like other jewelry, pearls need careful maintainment. I […]

Like other jewelry, pearls need careful maintainment. It will become discoloration and yellowing if contacting with perfume, acidity skin and chemicals. They would lost its luster without good collection.

Perspiration, humidity and suntan lotion all affect your jewelry so be sure to keep your freshwater pearls clean. And remember to apply your makeup before putting on your necklace.

Place your pearls in jewelry pouch or silk handkerchief to prevent being scratched by other jewelry.

Before wear pearl jewely, you need to clean it. Drop little olive oil on soft cloth, microfiber jewelry cloth or chamois, wiping pearls with the cloth to keep the luster. Either the cloth is damp or dry, it also remove any skin oils or dirt.

Don't use cleaners, detergents, brushes and ultrasound cleaners. You can clean it by yourself or take it to a jeweler or use a recommended jewelry cleaner.

If your pearls are damp, lay them on a soft cloth to dry before storing. If they are strung on silk be aware that silk shrinks if it gets wet but will also stretch if hung to dry.

"Properly strung pearl necklaces are all individually knotted between beads. This helps to prevent pearl loss if a strand were to break. Knots also keep pearls from knocking into each other and rubbing. Adding knots also adds strength and endurance to a beaded necklace and it is considered a mark of quality. If your piece is worn frequently, it is recommended you restring it every two to three years," professional jeweler adviced.