If it feels like you have been seeing a lot more of this


If it feels like you have been seeing a lot more of thi […]

If it feels like you have been seeing a lot more of this traditional gemstone lately, rest assured you’re not losing your mind.

For decades, pearls were a classic symbol of elegance and sophistication, seen in the office, around town, at home, and just about everywhere else.

Pearls are timeless, basic fashion jewelry which always makes stylish statement.

In the last two season, one of today’s hottest pearl styles is to wear multiple strands of pearls – layer on the pearls! To get the layering effect mix together different pearl sizes and lengths. Multiple strands of pearls can work for both for day and evening outfit combinations. Don’t forget that white isn’t the only pearl color.

Pearls are often related with vintage style and elegant beauty – every year we see them, every year the same thing—no matter how avant garde, no matter how trend-setting these haute couture collections are, they never forget to include the pearls.

Fashion is ditching diamonds and looking to pearls to fill the gap, Millennials and Hollywood’s A-listers are fueling a surge in demand for pearl jewelry, and this mainstream classic is once again in the midst of an epic fashion comeback.