In more recent Pearl strand history


In more recent Pearl strand history, pearls have come t […]

In more recent Pearl strand history, pearls have come to represent polish and poise. They made them synonymous with her fashion house by wearing multiple strands constantly, even famously stating “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”. To this day they remain a key feature of the brand, appearing in some form in every ready-to-wear and couture collection presented by current Creative Director.

If you're lucky enough to have any real pearl jewellery, now is the time to wear it with pride, and with anything - from a plain tee and jeans to your smartest get-up. Even your athleisure can benefit from a little pearly magic, silky running shorts and a zip-up sports top was accessorised with a pearl dangling from the zip and worn with chunky pearl-and-gem earrings. Freshen a real pearl necklace by having it professionally restrung - opt for a shorter length that skims your collar bones - or if you’ve got a tired faux version get crafty, deconstruct it and sew individual pearls onto shirts and sweaters, or thread through the laces of your favourite shoes.

The iridescent gem - which is officially the oldest gemstone in the world - has long been a symbol of sophistication, favoured by Hollywood royalty and actual royalty alike; Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales all made the pearl necklace a part of their signature style. But they were late to the party; the earliest evidence of pearls being worn as adornment in fact dates back to 520 BC and a Persian princess who was laid to rest with her pearl jewellery - the fragments of which are now on display at the Louvre.

What with the world current obsession with all things under-the-sea, it seems somewhat apt that pearls are having yet another moment in the fashion spotlight.