It is just Daisy and Mimi who are here and who are telling me


It is just Daisy and Mimi who are here and who are tell […]

It is just Daisy and Mimi who are here and who are telling me of their love and admiration for their grandmother and for all the many fascinating things she has introduced them to over the years. Even though both are highly successful professionals—Mimi is the jewellery buyer for Dover Street Market and Daisy is in PR (handling, among others, the fashionable Haymarket store’s account)—who spend much of their working lives with beautiful and often valuable objets, one quickly sees they are as easily beguiled by some of the more decorative and intrinsically inexpensive pieces as by some of the obviously high-ticket jewels.

There they sit: Daisy, all rich dark hair and deep Freshwater pearl necklace blue eyes; and Mimi, fairer and hazel-eyed, dipping into trayfuls of the jewels their grandmother has gathered during her colourful life, and it is clear that what really attracts them is their beauty, their charm and the stories that lie behind them.

For Christmas, birthdays and other special events, she has started to pass on some of her best-loved pieces, letting the girls rummage in her collection to choose something they like, though she’s been known sometimes to say, “No. In your dreams.” Stephanie is determined to be scrupulously fair as she gradually passes on some of her favourite pieces. “Of course, Kelly has had by far the larger share. In particular, she has many of my Elizabeth Gage rings as well as a marvellous necklace that could also be worn as two bracelets. I’ve given Natasha pieces for birthdays or at Christmas, as well as some special antique earrings for her wedding day.

Daisy and Mimi, who are here today for Sunday lunch with their grandmother, are merely two of four girls—Ella and Plum are several years younger—all children of Stephanie’s son, the gallerist Michael. Stephanie, though, is keen to point out that she has another just as dearly loved granddaughter, Natasha Corrett, daughter of her daughter Kelly, the renowned interior designer, and she says they all love nothing more than playing about with Granny’s fascinating treasure trove of jewels.