The Sleeping Lion - Largest Freshwater Pearl In The World


Have you seen the largest Freshwater Pearl in the world […]

Have you seen the largest Freshwater Pearl in the world? It names Sleeping Lion, which has been sold for nearly $500,000 at auction house Venduehuis in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 31 May.


Without our explainment, you woulg know that it not only has great historical value for specialist collection, but also has an interesting animal appearance.

The 2.7 inches pearl weighed more than 100 grams and seem like a sleeping lion. It is believed that the pearl has formed for about 60 years since 1700 in China.

According to records, it was firstly shipped to Europe and be sold to Russian Empress Catherine the Great. Then the jewel was traded among various jewelers and aristocrats before Amsterdam Pearl Society bought it in 1979. Now, it's latest owner is a Japanese art dealer.