The World Diamond Museum Will Host A Pearls Exhibition


The World Diamond Museum is going to host a Pearls Exhi […]

The World Diamond Museum is going to host a Pearls Exhibition at the Exhibition Centre of the State Historical Museum in Moscow, "Treasures from the Seas and the Rivers". This exhibition is to celebrate the Qatar Russia 2018 Year of Culture until October 1.


People will see 50 pieces of never-before-shown artifact jewellery and other examples of pearl craftsmanship made from freshwater pearls during the event. You may be able to find the most beautiful pieces of pearl jewellery and rare natural pearls from Qatar Museums' collection.

"Pearls have long inspired artists and painters with their quiet elegance and mystery. This diverse exhibition will answer many of the questions surrounding these natural wonders, while taking visitors on a fascinating journey through the history of pearl diving and trade in Qatar," the exhibition curator Dr. Hubert Bari said, "The exhibition is a major highlight of the Qatar Russia 2018 Year of Culture, which will see two great cultures explore unexpected historical parallels through the use of pearls in traditional design and jewelry making. We hope that this is something that will help bring our people and countries ever closer together."

In addition to collection, pearl extracts are an excellent alternative for various types of synthetic skin care products and are widely used for acne treatment. The nacre of the pearl helps stimulate the metabolic activities of the genetic material in the cell thus accelerating the cell regeneration process. Pearl extract obtained from freshwater is of great significance and hence would contribute a significant market share in the global pearl extract market.