This modern aesthetic is all about mastering that extra


This modern aesthetic is all about mastering that extra […]

This modern aesthetic is all about mastering that extra bit of shine without feeling run-of-the-mill and sans an exceeding amount of sparkle—it doesn’t always take a cascading chandelier earring or flashy pendant to feel extraordinary. High-shine metals, whether gold, silver, or a mix of both are entirely eye-catching; innovative settings give glittering diamonds new life; geometric shapes are striking in the daintiest form; and pearls appear current with nuanced details.

And while these pieces are so special, they also can be worn with myriad outfits, lending that unexpected touch to Pearl beads even the simplest combinations. While on your bridal journey, accenting every outfit from your engagement party to your bridal shower to your rehearsal dinner with a one-and-only piece is transcending. But thereafter, the best part about modern jewels is that they can be worn time and again long after your ceremony and honeymoon. It will feel meaningful to know you can incorporate your bridal jewelry into your everyday wardrobe, uplifting a T-shirt and jeans, jazzing up workwear, or for an anniversary look as a sentimental way of commemorating your wedding.

From super sleek to slightly more embellished, shop unique jewelry at every price point ahead to complete your bridal look with a contemporary aesthetic.Clean lines, pared-back silhouettes, and crisp tailoring are ubiquitous for modern brides. Though this sharp aesthetic does not mean bare, distinctive jewelry as part of the equation takes a modern moment to megawatt status. Impeccable metalwork, modern-cut diamonds, and innovative shapes are among our favorite jewels for accentuating a contemporary bridal look in just the right way, whether that means a graphic drop-earring, a uniquely set cocktail ring, or hand-crafted bracelet. We’re even for mixing metals for an unexpected look, which once was a faux pas but now feels vivid and fresh with the right juxtaposition.

For brides toeing the line of tradition, imbuing a more classic and minimalist gown with an exceptional bauble or two will perfectly offset the conventional shape and keep the overall look up to date. A one-of-a-kind piece does not mean fully eschewing tradition—an asymmetrical pearl earring, modern pavé cuff, or nuanced necklace will do the trick without feeling overtly edgy.