Twelve Subtypes Of Baroque Pearls


Subtype of baroque pearls means many other choices. Coi […]

Subtype of baroque pearls means many other choices. Coin pears are a subtype of baroque pearls. This type of baroque pearls are round in shape and flat and their surface is very smooth. They are able to reflect light particularly well because they have a much larger flat surface than other types. This provides them with a spectacular luster. These pearls used in making baroque pearl necklaces or baroque pearl earrings.

Another type of pearls shaped like elongated spheres. They are asymmetrical and their surface is dented and uneven. These pearls were greatly used in Victorian and Art Nouveau pieces.

Twin pearls is used to define two pearls that have fused together. They may have similar shapes or one of them might be larger than the other. They are ideal for baroque pearl stud earrings because they appear to be extremely elegant.

Potato pearls are the smallest types of baroque pearls. They are not elongated, like other baroque shaped ones; instead they are small and often square, rounder, or lumpy. They are ideal for baroque pearl bracelets and baroque pearl necklaces.

Cross pearl is a very special type of baroque pearl. The specimens from this category come in the shape of a cross, which makes them ideal for jewelry pieces with religious notes. They are true wonders of the natural world.

Stick pearls, which are also known as BIWA pearls, stick pearls are elongated, flat, and narrow. Their shape resembles sticks of various sizes. Stick pearl pieces are absolutely stunning. They can be easily used for statement pieces because of their particular shape.

Rice pearls are small baroque pearls that resemble the shape of rice grains. They are rather close to traditional pearls because they are rounded, but remain imperfect. They are commonly drilled centrally and used for baroque necklaces and baroque bracelets.

Egg pearls. The shape of the pearls from this subtype greatly resembles that of an egg. They have a wide bottoms and narrow tops. They are usually drilled vertically to preserve and highlight their unique shape.

Heart pearls are similar to coin pearls. These baroque pearls are flat and have the shape of a heart. They are extremely appreciated in the jewelry making business because they can be used to create romantic baroque pearl pendants.

Teardrop is one of the most appreciated subtype of baroque pearls. They have a wide top and very narrow bottom that makes them resemble teardrops. They are extremely delicate and they are commonly used for luxury earrings.

Leaf pearls are the thinnest baroque shaped pearls. They are paper thing with a very bumpy and uneven surface. They can be used for a wide range of jewelry pieces, including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Keshi pearls are the rarest type of baroque pearls. The mollusk rejects part of the seed, but the pearl continues to develop from there. This is why they do not have a center particle. They are mainly composed of nacre and appear to be elongated and have an extraordinary luster. They are the most appreciated baroque pearls on the jewelry market.