What Is Freshwater Pearl Jewellery


Freshwater pearl jewellery is made from the freshwater […]

Freshwater pearl jewellery is made from the freshwater pearls, which are cultured with the assistance of a human. They are grown in an open freshwater mussel. Multiple pieces of donor tissue are placed into the mantle on either side of the mussel.

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of shapes like round, oval etc. They have a thick nacre and are less lustrous as compared to saltwater pearls. It takes 4-6 years to cultivate a large freshwater. The risk of disease or pollution is great during this time, therefore a successful freshwater pearl harvest is a rare and a celebrated event.

Freshwater Peals are solid nacre, therefore the freshwater pearl jewellery holds up better against chipping and other wear. Freshwater Pearls come in a variety of colors like violet, purple, white, pale pink etc. The size can range from six to ten millimetres.

The bulk of today’s freshwater pearl production occurs in China. With plentiful and inexpensive labor along with innovative technologies and a huge landmass with countless lakes, and rivers, China has moved to the forefront of freshwater pearl production.

Freshwater pearls can exhibit an unparalleled palate of pastel colors ranging from dark purple, to light pink and white, as well as uncommon exotic and metallic colors.

The shape of the pearls will reflect the shape of the inserted nucleus and almost and almost any shape can be created and almost every color is useable.