With rising interest Cultured pearls from connoisseurs


With rising interest Cultured pearls from connoisseurs […]

With rising interest Cultured pearls from connoisseurs and collectors, high jewellery brands are offering pearl jewellery with vibrant and modern designs in their latest collections.

Jewellery is changing; there are progressive evolutions. Considering the high value of the creations, clients are looking for an enduring story – a history of savoir-faire. They also expect creativity and inspiration, not a reproduction of existing pieces.

Pearls have been making a strong comeback over the past few years. Cultured pearls, as well as natural pearls, were featured in high jewellery pieces by established heritage maisons, in a new fashion that moves away from the traditional setting and opts for more contemporary designs. Pieces with natural pearls are becoming even more coveted as pollution in the oceans rises.

More recently, in 2015, a double-strand natural pearl necklace with detachable drop-shaped pearls, owned by the former queen of Sweden and Norway, was auctioned for more than US$3.4 million at Sotheby’s.

People have rediscovered the rarity and preciousness of natural pearls. In our unique pieces, we use only natural pearls which are really rare today.

Apart from natural pearls, cultured pearls of significant sizes with excellent lustre and overtones are also achieving impressive sales records at auctions.

Collectors have always [loved] natural pearls due to their rarity and lustre. There are more conversations about them due to water pollution and overfishing in recent years.

Auction records reflect a high market demand for natural pearls. The famous La Peregrina pearl, circa mid-16th century and later owned by actress Elizabeth Taylor, was auctioned for a record price of more than US$11 million at Christie’s in 2011.